Best Selling Paintings Of 2016

This world really appreciates art and its many other forms. There are people who do art and there are people who admire art. The world is seeing a revived interest in certain types of art. Most famous amongst them is contemporary art form. But there are also varieties that people like and buy. Every year a new bench mark is set to make in difficult for their rivals but every year they surpass them and set a new one. Here we shall now look at the top and bestselling paintings for the year 2016.

5. Claude Monet- Le basin aux nympheas (1919)

Claude Monet was known to be one of the most popular impressionist painters of the early 20th century. Most of this painter’s art works are in museums throughout the world. This painting has soft colors and a natural scene. Because of its dynamic art style it led its way to the 20th century and was sold at $27 million in 2016.

4. Mark Rothko- No.17 (1957)

This painting was painted in Rothko’s blue period and is symbolic of postwar and contemporary art work. It is an oil painting with a combination of blue and green. It was his experimental work and was sold at $32.6 million.

3. Jean-Michel Basquiat- Untitled (1982)

This painting was sold at an amount of $57.2 million. This painting was sold at $4.5 million in 2004 but it grew up to be 12 times more than that and is numbered 3 for this reason.

2. Peter Paul Rubens- Lot and His Daughters (1613-14)

This painting was in private collections for centuries. But was sold at $58 million in 2016 proves that old masters are still valued in today’s art world.

1. Pablo Picasso- Femme Assise (1909)

The most expensive art of 2016, sold at a whopping $63.4 million. It marks the highest price of a cubist painting. As per Picasso, this painting is valued for introducing a new form of art.